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Home educators and preschoolers

If you’re able to adventure with the family outside of the school holidays then Northumberland is a great opportunity for enriching your childs experiences together, the county is full of:



🏖️Beach school

🌳Forest school

🏞️Water life



🏰Castles and bastles

🌻Gardens and Houses

☎️Social history and culture

🔭 observatories

Top attractions just outside of Northumberland are:

🔬Leading science adventures at the Centre for life

🚋Step back in time at Beamish Open Air Museum

Back at your accommodation you have:

🐑 farm life

✨night skies

🖍️ activity packs

🥎 garden games

Best of all many attractions offer a years pass upgrade with your day ticket, are National Trust/ English Heritage attractions or are entirely FREE!!

If you’ve any questions please just get in touch, we are happy to help.

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