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The Black Hut

Welcome to the story behind our latest addition. Introducing The Black Hut, somewhere to unwind and reconnect, engaging with yourself, each other, the landscape and the world around you.

The concept

The Black Hut has been inspired with a couple things in mind which span over 100 years on this spot:

1. Most recently the former pit workers cottages which were located on our farm until they were demolished. The Colliery operated between 1880 and 1973 and employed up to 18 people at one time, ‘The Black Huts’ were occupied within living memory and housed local pit workers. The loss of this historic feature was something we wanted to acknowledge, hence the name The Black Hut. There is nothing to commemorate almost 100 years of this coal mining history in the area, we wanted to change that.

2. Secondly, within the local area you will see old buildings, sheds or huts used for agricultural purposes which are visible on OS maps dating right back as far as maps began, many are tucked into, or next to, woodland. They undoubtedly will have changed over time but would all serve a similar purpose – to provide safe places for fodder or shelter for animals and shepherds. We wanted to offer a luxurious seclusion with everything you need create a connection with the landscape, a place to unwind and reconnect.

The words ‘Shepherds Hut’ brings to mind a romantic notion, a structure which rises from the ground on steel wheels and is accessed via wooden steps, it has a single skin and a barrelled roof with a wood burning stove and thick eiderdown duvets. However, not in Northumberland! This is Reiver country, an area of battles and harsh unforgiving landscapes, the shepherds around here wouldn’t have had such comforts, these iconic buildings typically appeared in the south east of England. ‘Up north’ structures would be more permanent and substantial, rising from the ground with pitched roofs and constructed from stone, metal or wood and are known as bothies. They would have thick walls and livestock may have lived in the same building for warmth…..however this isn’t a feature we have replicated, we did draw the authenticity line here!

The design and build

The Black Hut is our interpretation of the events of the last 150 years (probably longer) but with a contemporary twist. Designed by us, only we could express our generational connection with the landscape.

The bespoke construction took place locally, only 7 miles away, using many reclaimed and recycled materials, providing them with a new life whilst ensuring the contemporary element was maintained with new materials. Northumberland Hut Company provided some unique design elements that make this an epic build. We are so proud that we can offer something brand new, unique, connecting the old and the new. The unique, simple, clean and unfussy design means that you cannot help but relax, breathe, indulge in your senses and reconnect. Of course, the details that our guests all enjoy will still be included.

Since our diversification journey began we have been overwhelmed with the comments we have received and feel so lucky that we have been able to welcome so many amazing guests, we hope that many more of you are able to stay and enjoy our latest addition.

The accommodation

The Black Hut will sleep 4 (max 2 adults) in a generous, comfortable space, for children the accommodation is suitable for the over 5's who are confident to climb ladders (the access to the sleeping area includes ladders not suitable for younger children).


Our first guests will be able to stay in The Black Hut in May, online booking for The Black Hut will soon be available. In the meantime discover more about our latest addition here and about our other accommodation here

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